Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition misses iOS release due to crash bug

Delayed due to fix, release expected next week

The iOS version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been delayed, a developer of the game has confirmed.


According to the game's creative director Trent Oster, a last-minute crash bug was discovered, delaying plans to release the iOS version alongside its PC counterpart today.

"The iOS build is not approved," Oster said via Twitter. "We've found a crash bug and had to re-submit, which pushes us to the back of the line."

Oster had no revised release date, other than to say he'd "guess" its release for "next week".

Being developed by Overhaul Games, the enhanced remake of the 1998 PC RPG sees the addition of three new characters and 400 improvements made to the original game.

Check out a new gameplay trailer here.