UK retailers won't budge on Wii U launch prices

Deluxe version £300; Bigger discounts offered on ZombiU bundle

Retailers across Britain are not selling Nintendo's Wii U for anything substantially less than £250.


Supermarket Tesco is selling the basic model for £248 while online retailers such as Amazon and Zavvi are a pound or two within that price range. Specialist stores GAME and are selling the console for £260.

It is believed that retailers pay about £205 for each basic model, though strong demand on launch day appears to have encouraged retailers to sell at a healthy profit.

There's little competition on the price of the deluxe version, with most retailers settling at about £300. Again, and GAME are selling the unit for £10 more expensive than their competitors.

The Premium Pack, which is selling out faster than the basic model, is sold into retail at about £245 per unit.

Market competitiveness has been most active on the ZombiU bundle, which includes a Premium console, a Pro Controller and a copy of Ubisoft's acclaimed survival horror game. Prices range from £320 to £350, with Zavvi and The Hut at the lower end, and and GAME pushing the price to £350.

Nintendo's Wii U launch day is November 30 in Britain.