'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is as good as the classics and more'

Mailbox: What are your favourite Valve games?

On this week's mailbox we've got an e-mail from Ben Hughes, who recently re-discovered PC gaming and got in touch to shamelessly gush about Valve. What do you think about Valve and what are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

Over to Ben...


Over the past year I have started to get into PC gaming a lot more than I have ever done before. I've owned Half-Life since as long as I can remember and since I first played it I have been a massive fan of Valve games, my favourites being Half-Life 2 and Left4Dead 2.

Recently I bought Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and was pleased to find out that it was everything the series once was and more but I also noticed that not many new things have been added, which makes me a little angry too. What's your favourite Valve game?

GM says: PC gaming has certainly come on leaps and bounds during the last 12 months, mainly, we reckon, as many console gamers get frustrated waiting for next-gen consoles and turn to their rigs for a more powerful gaming experience.

Here are Team GM's fave Valve games: Robin says Half-Life 2, Matt SG says Portal 2, while Matt P had a massive internal debate (not unlike a malfunctioning GLaDOS) between Portal 1 and Half-Life 2 before settling on the latter.

CVG says: We've been playing a lot more than Valve games on our PCs, most recently Hotline Miami, which is superb. But we're still big fans of Valve, here are our favourite: Tamoor's is Counter-Strike, Rob's is Half-Life 2, Tom Ivan's is Left4Dead and Andy's is Portal.