Facebook and Zynga sign new contract

The two companies are no longer co-dependant

Five years ago Zynga and Facebook entered into a contract that left the companies reliant on the other for success. Now, the companies have signed a new contract offering more flexibility and autonomy.


As the market continues to change, and social gaming moves away from social networks and onto smartphones, Zynga has re-negotiated its contract with Facebook to better reflect this shift.

As Venturebeat reports, the new contract allows the two companies to reach out to other partners.

Under the new contract Zynga is free to develop away from the binds of Facebook. The company is no longer obligated to display Facebook ads, and Facebook currency - from which Facebook received a 30% profit cut under previous arrangements - is no long required for Zynga games.

Zynga has also made a guarantee that "no other developer will get better terms for Facebook related deals." Zynga's mobile apps will no longer require Facebook log-in's, and it will not have to make games exclusive to Facebook.

Facebook hasn't been left high and dry though. Zynga has promised to make its games available on Facebook, and Zynga is not allowed to promote on the social networking site.

Facebook won't be taking the opportunity to start developing their own games. "We're not in the business of building games, and we have no plans to do so. We're focused on being the platform where games and apps are built."