Firefall: Free beta key giveaway

Join the ex-WoW and Tribes devs' closed beta

Firefall is a new MMO shooter from Red 5 Studios which marries team combat with huge open worlds in a sci-fi setting.

So what raises Firefall above the common herd of free to play titles? Well it has pedigree of course, with the team lead of World of Warcraft, Mark Kern and the lead designer of Tribes, Scott Youngblood teaming up to bring you a dynamic open-world shooter which combines both competitive and co-op gameplay

Check out the official Firefall site for even more details, but why take our word for it? We've got 2000 beta keys so you can give it a try for yourself.

All the usual apply, just make sure you're a registered CVG member and if not sign up here, then get your key issued on the spot.

Then follow the instructions below.

Firefall Closed Beta weekend

Red 5 Studios is inviting thousands of new players from around the world to join Firefall's upcoming Beta Weekends and help them stress-test the servers.

Each Beta Weekend will run for 48 hours:

The Nov 30-Dec 2 Beta Weekend is scheduled in CET, beginning Friday at 19:00 CET/10:00AM PST and ending Sunday at 24:00 CET/3:00PM PST.

Each beta key will only work for its respective weekend and will expire afterwards.

Players can redeem their Beta Weekend key and find additional info at: