Halo 4 MP early adopters to receive new specialisations

Update: not applicable to Europe, Africa or the Middle East

Those who played Halo 4's multiplayer before November 20 now have access to six new specialisations.


The six class specialisations - collectively known as Priority Alpha - were initially exclusive to Limited Edition copies of Halo 4. At the weekend, Xbox Live members who played Halo 4 multiplayer before November 20 received download codes providing access to the perks.

Of the six specialisations, two are still available to those who played the game after November 20 in the form of Wetworks and Pionner, though the player must reach level 50 to unlock them.

Update: According to the official 343 Industries forum, Xbox Live users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will not receive the offer as the offer was a pre-order initiative in those regions. Thanks to user headspin.