Heartbreak as Kickstarter project misses $50,000 goal by just $28

Alpha Colony funding falls through at eleventh hour, as joy for Sir You Are Being Hunted

A Kickstarter games project has missed its final target in devastating fashion after falling just $28 short at the closing seconds.


Alpha Colony, billed as a "family-friendly exploration, building and trading sim game for PC, Mac, iOS Android", raised $49,972 following a last-gasp funding push. However, due to not meeting its $50k target, the game will receive no funding.

The developer of the project, DreamQuest Games, has not commented publicly on its unfortunate miss.

Other Kickstarter projects fared well over the weekend, particularly the survival horror shooter Sir, You Are Bing Hunted, which ended its month-long Kickstarter campaign at £92,551. The target originally set was £40,000.