Dead Space 3: More pre-order bonuses detailed

GameStop and Amazon offering exclusive weapons

Consumers who pre-order Dead Space 3 from GameStop and Amazon will receive exclusive weapons to use at launch.


GameStop pre-orders will grant users access to the EG-900 SMG and Amazon pre-orders will include the Tesla Enervator.

Publisher EA says retailers may vary depending on the country in which the pre-order is placed, and the newly announced bonuses are currently only mentioned on Amazon's and GameStop's US websites.

  • EG-900 SMG: This EarthGov-issued sub machinegun is built for urban warfare. It's compact but deadly, sporting an internal hyper-accelerator for maximum damage
  • Tesla Enervator: Sovereign Colonies scientists developed the "Enervator" from an overdriven focus coil to "humanely" eliminate dangerous specimens. The Enervator delivers a precision blast causing instantaneous electrocution and molecular destabilization in the target. In test subjects, death was instantaneous.

Pre-orders also net users a copy of the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition, which includes a number of separate bonus items.

EA has confirmed a Dead Space 3 release date of February 5, 2013 in North America and February 8, 2013 in Europe.