Say hello to iGamer: A new games magazine for the iPad generation

Videogames on iPad are different. The good ones are difficult to find, the bad ones are all too easy to stumble upon. They rarely cost more than a few pounds, and sometimes they're completely free. There's no need to clear out the living room for several hours or to be intimately familiar with a 12-button control pad; They feel more wary of your time, and more eager to please straight away.

Most games on the App Store aren't the result of greenlight processes and market research. There are no discs to print nor boxes to distribute. Now, videogames are developed and released directly onto the App Store, and often rise to the top based on their quality and through word of mouth. Games studios have greater creative freedom, and most thrilling of all, the really good new iPad games feel different. Daring, and new.

iGamer is CVG's newly relaunched sister publication. It is exclusive to iPad through Apple Newsstand, and it is exclusively about iPad games. It has been designed to address and acknowledge this exciting new breed of videogame.


I don't want to trawl through twenty or thirty games Apple has recommended - I want to know which ones are the best, and what they're like to play all in one place. I want to know which games fit a certain purpose, or a particular mood i'm in. I want to know more about this exciting, explosive new creative industry that is rising out of the App Store. I want to know about the games I may have missed, and why I should download them.

In every issue of iGamer you can find the fifteen best new games from the last month's releases. iGamer editorial is direct and upfront. You will discover what they're like to play and why you might like them quickly, and you can download them now with a tap of your finger.

Playlists are games I recommend based on a theme, be it to keep the kids quiet or to indulge in some videogame nostalgia. Insider is the features section, in which you'll find interviews and insight into the mobile games industry, plus behind-the-scenes tales of games development. In the relaunch issue, we have interviews with Rovio, Activision, Chillingo, the and the developers of Punch Quest and SpellTower. Classics is iGamer's directory; 50 games we'd recommend to anyone, plus a re-appraisal of a recent inductee into iGamer's hall of fame.


The relaunch issue is free for a limited time. If you enjoy what you read, you can subscribe and get each issue for 69p. I'm confident that minuscule monthly outlay will save you both time and money wasted on taking a punt on an unknown New & Noteworthy game.

If you have an iPad you can download the relaunch issue for free, for a limited time. Tell me what you think in the comments below, or on Twitter @neil_long_.