Tomb Raider video interview: Creating an open game with a linear story

Creative director also discusses how the island setting blurs myth and reality

Below you'll find a video interview with Noah Hughes, creative director on Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics.


In the interview he discusses the importance of the series reboot's setting, the studio's desire to blur the line between myth and reality, and the challenges involved in creating a "fairly open" game while telling a linear story.

"From the beginning we sort of looked at the environment as another character," he told us. "I think it's common for games to give the environment character and personality, but in the context of Tomb Raider we sort of wanted to layer that through time, the idea that it's not just about its current state but it's about its history as an island and that, as you might expect, becomes important.

"We don't want to spoil anything, but one thing that's true about a Tomb Raider game is that it's full of mystery, and as much as we want to make this adventure feel believable, that's different than realism. Part of what we want to do is have Lara pursue mysteries and sort of blur that line between myth and reality."

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