XCOM Enemy Unknown: Slingshot DLC out now - trailer

Features a new character and fresh maps tied to the Council missions

2K has released a new trailer to coincide with today's release of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC pack.


Slingshot sees a Triad operative joining the XCOM forces as players attempt to divert an alien ship's course and engage it in the skies over China.

It contains three fresh maps tied to the Council missions, plus a new playable squad character with a unique story and new customisation options.

The Slingshot pack is available for £5.49 on PSN, 560 Microsoft Points (£4.80) on Xbox Live, and £5.49 on PC. Here's the trailer, which provides a mission overview:

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2K Games has revealed plans to release further XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC in 2013.