Retro alert: play 300 DOS games from your browser

The '90s were a golden age for cheapskate gaming: with the popularity of shareware - a distribution model that offered hours of free play to PC owners - there was never a lack of something new to try.


Anyone who owned a PC in the '90s will be intimately familiar with many of the titles on offer at RGB Classic Games, a site that provides over 300 DOS titles free-to-play in a web browser. Everything from the first shareware episode of Doom through to Cliff Bleszinski's Jazz Jack Rabbit is here. It's enough to make you wanna cry.

Other highlights include John Romero's first game Dangerous Dave, early id Software classic Commander Keen, the first Duke Nukem platformer, as well as lesser known titles such as The Lost Vikings and Loader Larry. Strangely, not all the titles on offer were first distributed as shareware, though RGB insists that "all of the games on this site are freely distributable because they are shareware, freeware, or because the copyright holder has officially and legally released all rights to the public domain (abandonware)."

Whatever the case, there's weeks - nay years - worth of play here. Got any fond memories of '90s gaming?

Thanks to PC Gamer for the tip.