New Ghostbusters game in development for iOS/Android

'Freemium' title in the works at Capcom-owned Beeline Interactive

A new 'Ghostbusters' game is in the works for iOS and Android devices.


Sony Pictures Consumer Products has teamed up with Capcom-owned developer Beeline Interactive to produce the game.

Targeting an 'early 2013' release, the new Ghostbusters will be a 'fermium' title based on the movies. The PR says players will play the role of "a fledgling Ghostbusters franchisee".

It adds, "When New York is once again infested with paranormal activity, it is up to the player's team of neophyte Ghostbusters to clear out every last spook, spirit, and specter.

"Armed with an arsenal of proton packs and ghost traps, players will be able to upgrade their gear by running experiments, capturing ghosts and acquiring all-manner of strange and exotic slimes. Better gear will give the player access to higher paying jobs and more prestige that they can then invest back into their business. Players will also be able to upgrade their employee roster to create a crack team of specter stomping Ghostbusters."

Mark Caplan, Sony Pictures Consumer Products VP said, "Beeline has a proven track record and has been a leader in developing and publishing top-rated game apps. Given our ongoing relationship with them on Smurfs' Village, they are the perfect partner to carry forward the success of Ghostbusters in the interactive space."