Ubisoft 'next-gen online RPG' resurfaces in new job ad

Ubisoft Massive appears to be shifting focus to new consoles

Ubisoft again looks likely to be developing an unknown "triple-A" online RPG at its Massive studio in Sweden, according to a new job listing.


According to the latest ad, Malmö outfit Massive, which has more recently worked on multiplayer portions of the Far Cry 3 project, is seeking new staff to build the game.

Earlier this year another job ad pointed to the Ubisoft MMO project, describing it as "highly ambitious" and noting that applicants should be familiar with the workings of PvP in an online environment.

The project, if completed, could mark Ubisoft's first serious push into the MMO market.

As its name suggests, 'Massive' is being funded to build online-focused games for the publisher. In August 2008, Activision sold the studio as part of its Activision Blizzard merger, though Ubisoft acquired it three months later.

Since the acquisition, Massive has helped on various multiplayer elements of games such as Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3.