Black Ops 2 title update to re-enable Theatre, tweak UAV and SMG settings

Activision also releases guide to improving multiplayer lag

Treyarch has detailed a number of features it's working on for the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 title update.


The game's Theatre Mode, which allows players to record, edit and upload gameplay footage to the web, will be enabled again, having been disabled after Treyarch reportedly discovered it played a part in a Prestige glitch.

Another user-generated feature, Emblems, which allow users to select from various emblems to create a unique insignia, is also currently unavailable, but it's unclear if it will return in the upcoming update.

Treyarch game director David Vonderhaar has also said that the title update will raise the score requirement for calling in the game's lowest Scorestreak, UAVs, and that the dev team thinks SMG penetration "is probably too high", which is something the studio's "looking at" for the next update.

Meanwhile, Activision has released a troubleshooting guide designed to reduce the lag some console players are experiencing during multiplayer games.

The upcoming update has yet to be fully detailed or dated. Here are full notes on the most recent Black Ops 2 title update for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.