Comments of the Week: 'In other news - the human torch was denied a bank loan'

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"I showed my wii u to an xbox loving friend and after a quick play on it he's decided that he needs one, strangely i think the thing that impressed him most was the whole miiverse thing and the ability to drop out of a game to ask a question then jump straight back into the game, he was amazed how civilized and child free it all was." - billysastard

Heavily moderating all the comments is paying off for Nintendo then

"I'm waiting for Spring and getting the new model. In red. And HD pad. And xl. And internal hard drive. And the same price. Or not. Might just get cheap white one in Summer. Or not." - cult

Indecisive procrastination really takes the fun out of life.

"Yet when I went to buy a pint of milk and a loaf from the Co-op dressed as Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw I get escorted out the shop and arrested by awaiting officers? I'm not accepting these double standards!" - El Mag

I have the same problem when I go to the park rocking my Rufus from Street Fighter 4 costume

"I am surprised this "legend" cannot secure a bank loan or such to create this game. In other news - the human torch was denied a bank loan" - richomack360

To be fair the Human Torch isn't responsible with money, he just burns through it.

"Hi My super awesome fellow forum posters Christmas is nearly upon us so ho ho ho. I'm glad this has done the business sales wise as Treyarch really have tried to push the series further. More varried and open environments, a new future setting, the sound is just awesome, zombies has been expanded into practically it's own game, best multiplayer since MW1 and improved graphics all round and a great story. I have purchased my first ever season pass just for this game, it truly is an evolution of the series. And to be honest I really was not convinced by the future setting before I purchased the game but once I played it all my concerns disappeared. Go team Treyarch COD BLOPS 2 yeah!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D" - ilovenewtech

Oh ilovenewtech, what would we do without your infectious optimism?

"I don't know anything about this subject but I do like Tom Cruise. That's the best input I have to give on this topic. Oh no wait I have more, 'HIIIIIIIIIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE!'" - Drusus


"Darn it Nintendo, do not cut into my 10-minute preview time! Kidding of course." - Chris_Shanahan87

Sure, sure, kidding.