Megaman returns in free PC title Street Fighter X Megaman

New game will be available on December 17

Capcom has revealed its iconic Blue Bomber will return later this month in Street Fighter X Megaman, a new fan-made game for PC.


Street Fighter X Megaman was shown during the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament in San Francisco and will be distributed as a free download on the Capcom Unity website.

Its release on December 17 marks the closing of the month-long Street Fighter anniversary celebrations and the start of the Megaman 25th anniversary festivities.

The crossover retains the classic Megaman style, Street Fighter characters including Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka, Rolento and Dhalsim have been converted to 8-bit and serve as boss characters. Just like in the classic titles, by defeating these bosses Megaman can acquire their unique powers.

"Our fans have been so supportive of the 25th Anniversary efforts on Street Fighter, that we wanted to provide one last surprise and token of our appreciation," said Christian Svensson, Capcom's SVP of consumer software.

"This game symbolizes the passion and dedication of our fans and with the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man coming up, we felt it was our duty to bring this wonderful experience to everyone who has shared the last 25 years with us and both of these celebrated franchises."

SFxMM is the brainchild of Megaman superfan and professional Street Fighter player Seow Zong Hui. After seeing the game running on Hui's laptop at EVO 2012, Capcom's Christian Svensson decided to officially endorse the project and include it in the company's 25th anniversary campaign.

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