Ken Levine defends Bioshock Infinite box art

Levine wants to pique the interest of the "uninformed"

Ken Levine has responded to fan criticism concerning Bioshock Infinite's box art.


Speaking with Wired, Levine insists the box art is designed to appeal to an audience who might not otherwise have heard of the successful series.

"I understand that some of the fans are disappointed," he said. "We expected it. I know that may be hard to hear, but let me explain the thinking."

Levine goes on to say that the studio did a tour of "frathoues and places like that", gathering intel on the general public's attitude toward the Bioshock series. He says that "not a single one of them" had heard about the game, which releases in March 2013.

"I wanted the uninformed, the person who doesn't read IGN... to pick up the box and say, okay, this looks kind of cool, let me turn it over. Oh, a flying city. Look at this girl, Elizabeth on the back. Look at that creature. And start to read about it, start to think about it.

"I understand that our fan says, that's great Ken, what's in it for me? One, we need to be successful to make these types of games, and I think it's important, and I think the cover is a small price for the hardcore gamer to pay."

A series of new Bioshock Infinite screenshots were released last week.