Wii U sells 308k during Japan launch

Opening weekend total down on original Wii, according to Famitsu data

Nintendo sold around 308,570 Wii U units during its Japanese launch this weekend, according to Enterbrain data published by Famitsu.


New Super Mario Bros. U was the top selling launch title with 170,563 copies sold, followed by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (110,149) and NintendoLand (78,461).

In comparison, the original Wii sold 371,936 units during its launch weekend in Japan, and Wii Sports was the top selling launch title with 176,880 copies (note: while it was bundled with Wii hardware elsewhere, Wii Sports was sold separately in Japan).

As well as not making quite as strong a debut as its predecessor, Nintendo's next-gen console also failed to beat the debuts of its handhelds Nintendo 3DS (371,326), Nintendo DS (441,485) and Game Boy Advance (611,504).

Overall Wii U is Japan's 7th best games hardware launch, also coming behind PS Vita and PlayStation 2.

In the US Nintendo claimed 400,000 Wii U units sold during the system's first week of availability (compared to 600,000 for the original Wii).

In the UK Nintendo reportedly sold about 40,000 Wii U units during the system's first 48 hours of availability.