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Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

We're going underground to probe the secrets of 4A's sequel

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The distinctive iconic towers of St Basil's cathedral or to give its full name The Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat . This building seated near the Kremlin with its distinctive towers and domes thought to resemble a bonfire's flames forms an unmistakeable Moscow landmark. However the fact it's absolutely teeming with local wildlife and monsters including flocks of demons, means 4A have populated it with some real wildlife. Obviously we'll be hoping for a mission set inside, though what might draw Artyom there is anyone's guess at this stage. Perhaps a sacred relic that needs retrieving? Who knows, but if a level set there can match the classic cat and mouse game of the Library from 2033 , we're in for a treat. What other Moscow landmarks might feature? Well we'd certainly like to see a Kremlin level.


"Glorious creatures, chief of these were mankind who he created in his own image." We now see a series of vignettes of civilian life in the Metro and there's quite a low key, domestic feel to proceedings, with people cooking, resting, relaxing and possibly enjoying the odd cheeky shot of mushroom vodka. "To care for, to nurture." Some children draw on the floor or are entertained by shadow theatre and there's a image of a parent hugging a child and that, alongside the presence of many children in this sequence, may symbolise some kind of hope for the future?


The last image may also be significant, a group of people caught in the lights outside a station and notice the skull motif on the back of the man's jacket in the foreground. We do know that the main storyline of Last Light will revolve around the struggles between the three main Metro factions, the Reds, the Fascists and the Ranger backed Polis as they battle for control of the technology and weapons contained in the D6 silo. Is this image a precursor of that?

We also know there will new locations, new stations and new parts of the Metro to explore, many of which have never been seen before. One example we can give you is the flooded station of Venice, which is only approachable by boat and contains cash generating mini games involving marksmanship and a section in a erm house of ill repute.


Yet danger is never far away in the Metro and before too long we see the savage side of the fight for survival deep within its bowels again, as the humans defend against the irradiated mutants which have bred in the dark. Last Light will use the 'canon' ending from Metro 2033 where the dark ones were destroyed by the missiles Artyom launches from the silo D6, so they won't be a problem this time, but new dangers will undoubtedly await in the dark.


"And on the the seventh day they say god rested ...but god didn't rest, god left, or perhaps died. Judgement day came and he abandoned us, casting humanity aside like parasites" Images of blood, gore dead bodies and slaughter predominate this section. What has happened? Has some new threat emerged to threaten humanity? New mutants apparently scheduled in include a Rhino Nosalis, but what else could cause this much carnage? Looks ominous.


"But there is still hope" And there is, for this sequence shows Artyom, now a fully fledged Ranger exploring some of the metro's underground heartland. It's interesting to note level features like semi-flooded tunnels (and what lurks beneath the water?) but also new gameplay mechanics like having to wipe your mask when it mists up.


Although no brand new weapons are pictured here, we have seen covert footage of some great new armaments and with the ability to customise any weapon to your exact requirements, with things like suppressor, sight and barrel, lots of different play styles and load outs are catered for in Last Light. You also notice Arytom has become a bit more deft and proficient with his guns and he reloads quicker now he's a fully fledged Ranger badass .

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