Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

We're going underground to probe the secrets of 4A's sequel

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Finally Artyom dons his mask to emerge into the sunlight of the surface and the screen fades to black with the words "Our fate I hold in my own hands". Just like 2033, you as the player hold all the aces in your hand and in the Metro one man really can make a difference, which is what makes Last Light such an intriguing prospect.

Well that concludes our look at the Last Light Genesis trailer and we hope you've enjoyed picking it apart with us. Some of our conjectures are informed guesswork, some are rampant speculations and some come with more insider knowledge than is probably strictly healthy, but one thing we can say, even as self avowed Metro fans, genesis has properly whetted our appetites even further for Last Light when it debuts this March. If you want to see what all the fuss about the original game was - why not pick yourself up a free copy of Metro 2033 for PC by liking THQ's facebook page from now until December.

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