Square Enix announces Star Galaxy MMO

Yahoo! Japan takes the reigns on browser-based title

The secret Square Enix title teased last week is a browser-based MMO called Star Galaxy, the company has revealed.


According to Siliconera the sci-fi MMO allows up to 2,000 players to duke it out, with some acting as commander in chief and managing resources, infrastructure, and power sources.

War efforts can be strengthened by building bases, locking down resources and capturing other planets. Battles are card-based, and units can be levelled up and taught new skills.

Star Galaxy will feature four playable factions; The Boldor Imperial Army led by Roy Bismark, The Holy Knights of Selshion led by Dia Vite, The Universe Trading Union led by Tagel and The Republic led by Vivian.

Yahoo! Japan is handling the title and will reportedly begin a closed beta test on December 20. Watch the Star Galaxy trailer below.

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