'Steam Community Market' beta allows in-game item sales for Steam Wallet Funds

Buy and sell in-game items via Steam Community Market now in beta with TF2

Valve has put into testing a new Steam feature which allows gamers to buy and sell in-game items with Steam Wallet funds.


The 'Steam Community Market' has entered beta with Team Fortress 2, letting players buy and sell in-game items with Steam Wallet Funds via a centralised community page.

More games will be made compatible with the Steam Community Market "in the New Year", says Valve. Games that participate will allow players to display their items on the Steam Community and sell or trade with others.

"With over a half million trades made every week, the trading system has been very successful," said Valve's Tony Paloma.

"Extending game economies beyond trades and giving players a way to turn gameplay into funds for new items and games is a key component for moving that success forward."

More details are over on the official Q&A page.