Capcom looking to localise games in up to 15 languages

Company aims to expand global reach

Capcom director and executive corporate officer Katsuhiko Ichii has said the publisher will need to localise more in order to break into emerging markets.


In an internal interview at Capcom, Katsuhiko Ichii, spoke about the "expansion of markets in emerging countries and regions, such as Russia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, and the Middle East."

Ichii points out that when those markets are combined, are about as large as "developed nations such as Germany and France." And for Capcom to successfully break into those markets localising its games is a must, according to Ichii.

"Up until now we've only done English voice overs for game characters, but by next year we're looking to do voiceovers in languages of 5-7 countries, and have the in-game text translated into 13 to 15 languages. This will give us with a major boost in the area of game localisation."