Sleeping Dogs 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC revealed

Wei Shen returns to deliver more beat downs

Square Enix has revealed The Zodiac Tournament DLC for Sleeping Dogs.


Unlike Nightmare at North Point, the new DLC sits within the main game and can be accessed at any time.

Since it's combat focused the game alerts players if they don't meet the recommended level or have the appropriate amount of abilities unlocked. Though it's still possible, completing the DLC becomes much harder without the right moves.

The Zodiac Tournament sees undercover cop Wei Shen invited to participate in a martial arts tournament held on an offshore island. Shen, along with a number of the world's best fighters, duke it out for the entertainment of the rich and famous.

While Nightmare at North Point explored classic Hong Kong horror movies like Mr. Vampire, Zodiac Tournament explores 70s kung fu films, taking cues from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, with everything from the Island setup and a devious Mr. Han-like master of ceremonies, to similar archetypes for fellow fighters and booby trapped environments.

Gameplay consists of battling through a series of arenas, each filled with henchmen for Wei to kick, punch and brutally kill using environmental hazards. After dispatching with foot soldiers players must take on another fighter, with the promise of a unique finisher move as a reward for victory.

The Zodiac Tournament will be available from December 18.

Take a look at the screens below.

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