Darksiders 2 for £12 and 2012's other underrated game bargains

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Dirt Showdown

Price: £9.99, Zavvi


It's not as deep an experience as bigger brother Dirt 3, but Showdown brings its own brand of over-the-top action and it's as close to a remake of Destruction Derby as we're going to get. When it came out there were cries of confusion at the full price for what was so clearly a game deserving of a lower price - well, it's taken most of a year but you can now buy Dirt Showdown for the price it perhaps should have been.

For a tenner it really is superb fun. Yes, its brashness might not appeal to everyone, and it is ultimately a shallow experience - but on the scale of games that are a delight to bang on for 20 minutes a pop every now and then it ranks highly. Though that may mainly be because that's a scale we've just made up specifically for Showdown.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Price: £12.85, ShopTo


Nobody wants to take a £50 gamble on a game that receives a mixed reception, whihch is probably why Lollipop Chainsaw sold about 20 copies. What do you mean 'it was Grasshopper's most successful release'? Well, that's thrown our blind assumption out of the window, damn it.

But for what can reasonably called a 'low' price, Lollipop Chainsaw is now at the kind of level where it's worth taking a risk on to see where you fall in the opinionosphere. We found parts of it to be good fun, but far too archaic and utterly lacking in others (, but popular consensus was... all over the place.

One thing that's for sure is it's one of the more unique games to have come out in 2012, if not this generation. And come on - who wouldn't pay 13 quid to be able to run around as a chainsaw-sporting, zombie-hunting cheerleader with her boyfriend's head attached to her waist? Who indeed.

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