Dark Souls 2: 'We'll protect core experience', promises creator

Miyazaki suggests mechanics and difficulty won't be vastly different

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has moved to allay fears that just-announced sequel Dark Souls 2 could tone down the series' trademark high difficulty.


Speaking to Japanese mag Famitsu this week (translated by Polygon), the designer - who has stepped back to a supervisor role for the new game - promised the core of Dark Souls 2 will not be vastly different from its predecessor.

"If we're going to announce this as a sequel to Dark Souls then I think there's certainly a core that we need to protect," he said.

"I'm talking about how we think about the difficulty level and how you achieve things in-game; about the concepts behind the mechanics and level design. Outside of that core, though, I think it's better to leave things to the discretion of the director.

"There's a lot around that core that we need to fix or adjust, besides, and individual touches always tend to come out in the world setting and artwork, so I'm not meddling in that very much."

This month co-director Tomohiro Shibuya told Edge he intends to make Dark Souls 2 "more straightforward and more understandable".

The sequel was first unveiled via a Dark Souls 2 trailer at the Spike Video Game Awards.

Shibuya told Famitsu that the trailer "embodies the sense of solitude and desperation, both of which are core parts of the previous games".

He added: "We concentrated on getting this across in a way that would easily come across even to overseas gamers. In my personal opinion, I think the angles and such you saw have a lot of uniquely Western-style tastes to them."

According to Namco Bandai's initial announcement, the sequel is set to feature a revamped "server-based multiplayer experience" which Shibuya says will evolve the asynchronous message-oriented online system from the previous game.

Miyazaki also told Famitsu: "I think having dedicated game servers will be the source of a lot of new potential in DS2. There was a lot with the original Dark Souls I wish I could have done if we had the ability to have those serviers, so in that way I'm pretty jealous of the new director here.

"I think the concept behind online play in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls was pretty plain to gamers, so I'm hoping we can evolve on that concept here without removing ourselves too far from it."