Wii U firmware update in December will address sluggish load times

Updated: Update in question is actually for Dragon Quest X, not the Wii U system

Update: Nintendo's PR people have contacted Engadget since the original report was posted to say the update in question is for Dragon Quest X, not the Wii U system.

Original story: Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said the firm is preparing a Wii U firmware update to address it's slow load load times.


Iwata acknowledged the console's sluggish system software load times in a Japanese Nintendo Direct video today.

According to Engadget translations, the executive said a system update is due to arrive in late December in Japan and will address loading times when performing seemingly rudimentary tasks such as switching between applications or exiting back to the main menu. It's unconfirmed when this patch will be released in the West.

Iwata has previously apologised to early Wii U adopters for the system's initial firmware update and the unavailability of some features at launch. Players complained after being forced to download a 1GB update before certain features could be accessed, reporting waits of up to four hours, while slow downloads gave others the impression that their console had frozen.

On a more positive note, Wii U's Nintendo TVii service will launch tomorrow, December 20 in the US and Canada.