Docs name new games from Left 4 Dead co-dev, Assassin's Creed lead

Multiple in-development THQ projects revealed via legal papers

Legal documents related to THQ's just-announced bankruptcy filing have named a number of unannounced games in development with the publisher.


Darksiders 2 developer Vigil Games appears to be working on a new game titled 'Crawler', while Left 4 Dead co-developer Turtle Rock is busy with a co-op action game referred to in the documents as 'Evolve'.

Relic Entertainment, the team behind Warhammer 40k and Company of Heroes titles, has working title 'Atlus' on its to-do list, and targeting a 2014 release, reports Polygon.

Meanwhile THQ Montreal, the team helmed by Assassin's Creed creative lead Patrice Désilets, is named as the developer for working title '1666', a title which first surfaced in trademark filings discovered back in March.

THQ has filed for bankruptcy protection as it enters a deal to sell all its games and assets to a private investment firm for $60 million.