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Aliens: Colonial Marines movie showcases story secrets

The inside scoop on the newest Aliens gameplay movie

Gearbox is continuing its fine tradition of Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay movies, with a brand new story trailer which reveals some intriguing new details on the single-player campaign.

We've already enjoyed campaign and multiplayer movies and a look at Aliens Survivor mode, but this latest story trailer is packed with a wealth of detail for discerning Aliens fans.

For starters we get to see Corporal Dwayne Hicks' last distress signal from LV-426 and hear that all marines dispatched on the original mission from the USS Solaco 17 days ago can be considered KIA.

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We're introduced to new squad leader Captain Cruz and get a glimpse of some of the marines like Bella and Winter from the USS Safora which will form the core of the new Colonial Marines squad.

You can also pick up loads of detail from about what happened after the events of the Aliens movie, when the atmospheric processors went up, and there's classic Aliens elements like the loaders, drop ship deployments and even a (blink and you'll miss it) cameo of new model Bishop.

Oh and then there's the Aliens, an absolute shedload of them. Perhaps best of all though this new trailer hows that Gearbox still has a great ear for Aliens dialogue.

"This is a liquid situation, in about 30 seconds that Horizon is going to turn black as the most dangerous killing machines in the universe rise up over it."

Stay frosty Marines. You can't afford to let one of those bastards in. Aliens: Colonial Marines release date is set for February 12th.