iPhone 6 and iOS 7 references 'spotted in app logs'

Devs claim Apple campus is testing new hardware and software

Apple is already testing both the next major iteration of the iPhone and the iOS operating system, according to new reports.


The Next Web reports that the fingerprints of Apple's unannounced iPhone hardware and iOS software have appeared on app usage logs which devs have shared with the site.

According to one developer, Apple is in the midst of testing a device identified on the logs as 'iPhone6,1′. It is supposedly powered by iOS 7.

Although it is possible to fake identifiers, the IP attached to app requests can reportedly be traced back to Apple's Cupertino campus, giving them some legitimacy.

It could be that the company is testing compatibility between new hardware and with currently available apps.

There were a number of similar references made to iOS 6 months before it was officially revealed. Should either the iPhone 6 or iOS 7 materialise, it will almost certainly be at WWDC in June, as per Apple tradition.

In October, following the release of the iPhone 5, Apple reported record fourth quarter profit of $8.2 billion thanks to an increase in sales of all products bar iPod.