Tomb Raider multiplayer details: Destructible environments and 'lever-based traps'

Eidos Montreal shows off online features

The first details on Tomb Raider (2013)'s multiplayer modes have appeared online, via Official Xbox Magazine US.


As revealed earlier this week, the online component is being developed by Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal. According to OXM it will feature at least two modes; Team Deathmatch and Rescue, as well as "a deep roster of characters" and now-traditional XP-building, stats and character loadouts.

Team Deathmatch sees "a team of Lara's surviving allies pitted against a group of hostile natives cutely referred to as scavengers," reports one OXM subscriber.

Matches come in a 'best of three' format with destructible environments, platforming and 'lever-based traps' featuring heavily.

The second announced game type, "Rescue", has survivors battling to collect a certain amount of med-packs and deliver them to rotating destinations. Meanwhile the rival scavenger team must aim to reach a certain kill count.

According to OXM, Rescue mode introduces a "bleed-out" time for players, which opponents can cut short with a "brutal" melee finisher.

It's unclear if any other modes will feature in Tomb Raider's multiplayer, though Eidos Montreal is said to have hinted that another adventure and exploration-focused game type could be introduced.

Square Enix has confirmed a Tomb Raider release date as March 5, 2013.