Investors clamour for Take-Two shares as GTA V release approaches

Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher's share value continues to climb

Two investment companies have increased their share in Take-Two months ahead of the publisher's highly anticipated release of GTA 5.


The exact GTA V release date has yet to be disclosed, but Take-Two has pencilled in the UK and US launches for 'Spring 2013'. The sparkle of one of the most high-profile game releases in the past ten years has spurred investors to buy additional stock in the company.

Citadel Investment Group now owns about six per cent of the company, following a holiday shopping spree on the publisher's equity, while investment group Carl Icahn recently revealed it had acquired 8.7 million Take-Two shares.

GTA V will release first on Xbox 360 and PS3. A PC edition is being considered, though has yet to be officially confirmed.

A petition for the GTA V PC release has drawn 137,000 supporters. It is likely that Rockstar has been working on a PC edition, and began many months before the petition was published, but nothing officialhas been stated.

Since August, Take-Two's share price has climbed from $7.82 to $11.88