Assassin's Creed 3 DLC: Battle Hardened pack out this week - report

£8 add-on expected to feature new multiplayer maps and characters

Ubisoft is reportedly planning to release new Assassin's Creed 3 DLC this week in the form of The Battle Hardened Pack.


A quick Google search appears to confirm reports that the DLC was revealed on Ubisoft's official Assassin's Creed website a few hours ago before the update was pulled.

According to information republished on the PlayStation forums, the multiplayer add-on will introduce three new maps and three fresh characters, which are detailed below.

It will reportedly cost £7.99 or be free for season pass holders. We've contacted Ubisoft for clarification.

Three new characters:

  • The influential Governor
  • The resilient Highlander
  • The fearsome Coyote Man

Three new maps (for use in standard MP and Wolfpack modes)

  • The lush, tropical environment of Saint Pierre
  • The moody, atmospheric stronghold of Fort St-Mathieu
  • The embattled, enflamed Boston neighborhood of Charlestown