Nyko reveals high-capacity Wii U GamePad battery & Xbox 360-like Pro controller

Alongside charging docks and other Wii U accessories

Nyko has revealed its new line of Wii U accessories, including a new high-capacity battery for the GamePad controller.

Power Pak

The standard battery found in the GamePad has been a common complaint among critics for its low capacity providing around three hours of play. Nyko seeks to fix this with its new high-capacity battery, dubbed the Power Pak, which it claims will last three times longer than the stock battery, while fitting inside the same compartment with no change to the external appearance of the controller. It'll cost $24.99.

The firm has also revealed the $34.99 'Pro Commander' controller, which places the right analogue stick below the face buttons, essentially mimicking the form of the Xbox 360 controller.

The $29.99 'UBoost' accessory is a kickstand and replacement battery all-in-one attachment for the GamePad, while the Charge Base Pro ($29.99) and Charge Station U ($34.99) provide Wii U owners with additional options for charging docks.

Nyko's Wii U accessories will hit US shops in February.