DmC DLC: Bloody Palace mode to release via free title update - screenshots

Returning survival mode will feature over 100 levels

Capcom has confirmed plans to launch free post-launch DmC Devil may Cry DLC in the form of the Bloody Palace mode.

The publisher says the returning challenge mode will take players through "a survival gauntlet of more than 100 levels of demon-crushing, boss-rushing action".

Due for release "very shortly after the launch of the game", it will only be accessible to players once they've completed the title.

Capcom has confirmed a DmC Devil May Cry release date of January 15 on consoles and January 25 on PC.

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Once you've checked out the Bloody Palace screenshots above, you might want to watch the new DmC Devil May Cry gameplay video we posted earlier today comparing the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

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