'Fe fi fo fum I smell the blood of a Nintendo Wii U Ambassador progrum'

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"And people say the Vita isnt portable enough. Jeez thats chunky." - karkify

It's a portable, for your home.

"Fe fi fo fum I smell the blood of a Nintendo Wii U Ambassador progrum" - cult

Be it alive, or be it dead it, I should have saved my money instead.

"I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, then i took a WII U to the knee." - Megatrons_Fury

With or without the stand? It makes a difference.

"Who celebrates a 17th Anniversary for a franchise? Just seems like it's out of the blue." - EighteenSky

Now that we think about it, that's a good point. We're just so used to seeing Resident Evil re-releases that we can tune them out now. Didn't pick up on that at all.

"Shouldn't that be "Engineer claims NOPE"? - Moribundman

Need a dispenser here!

"I've been doing something similar for years the robbing swines.Though it would be nice to let my dad stop dressing as referee and have him running around with a whistle while we have a Pro Evo tournament. He's getting so tired. - El Mag

Hahaha. Ahhh, one of these days we'll find out you weren't kidding and hate ourselves for laughing at all this stuff.

I'm an Nvidia fanboy, but even I'm wondering what they were smoking when they came up with this hilarious monstrosity" - Mobius01

From the looks of the Shield, an original Xbox.