Resident Evil Revelations Xbox Achievements list surfaces

Further evidence of a jump to Xbox for the 3DS horror title

A full list of Xbox achievements for a rumored console-bound port of 3DS horror Resident Evil Revelations has surfaced online.


The list appeared via achievement site Exophase, which has the game title down as 'Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition'.

While the list's validity is unconfirmed, it lends weight to the earlier rumour of a PS3/Xbox port, first sparked in November 2012 when the Korean Ratings Board listed the game for release on home consoles.

While relatively unrevealing, the achievements list appears to indicate a direct port of the game, with no evidence of bonus content.

Capcom is yet to officially announce the game for consoles.

Revelations launched on Nintendo's handheld in January 2012, and was widely praised for its slower paced, more traditional take on survival horror.