Retro City Rampage hits EU PSN this week with 'extra polish'

EU and Asian gamers get their parody-filled open-world slice of the action

Retro City Rampage will be released via the EU and Asian PlayStation Stores for PS3 and Vita on January 16, putting an end to an over three-month wait.


The game arrived on the US PS Store back in October, but was to be left off of EU PSN update lists for several weeks to come.

But the added wait time has apparently been put to good use, as developer Brian Provinciano tells Joystiq the time was used to add 'extra polish' to the game.

Retro City Rampage is an 8-bit-style open-world urban game that plays homage to the original top-down Grand Theft Auto games on PS1, and contains parodies of several other classics.

It hit Xbox Live Arcade earlier this month and launched on PC worldwide in October 2012.