BLOG: The 25 rarest and quirkiest game controllers ever

Have you had your hands on any of these?

Last week Microsoft revealed a new limited edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller. It looks the part, but it's by no means the most interesting controller we've ever seen.

Over the years we've been subjected to all manner of weird and wonderful controllers. Some have been released to coincide with the launch of a certain game, others were made in an attempt to improve gaming. And some just made no sense whatsoever.

Below, then, are our favourite quirky controllers. Many of them are extremely hard to find these days and regularly fetch a pretty penny on eBay, so while you laugh and think "what sort of idiot would buy that", bear in mind that idiot could be sitting on a goldmine.


This special Twilight Princess controller prototype was designed by Nubytech, the same company that created the bizarre Resident Evil 4 pad (more on that later). When Nintendo decided to port Twilight Princess to the Wii and make that the main version, the controller was sadly scrapped. The prototype recently sold for $2500.

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