GTA V: A step-by-step guide to two missions - how they work, what you'll do

FIB and Cargo Plane levels get the GTA V O'Clock treatment

Over a year ago, Dan Dawkins correctly called GTA V's major themes before anyone else, and his super-informed, scarily-accurate detective work forms the basis of CVG's new weekly show, GTA 5 O'Clock, posted every Wednesday at 5pm over on our YouTube channel.

This week, Dan and CVG's Tim Weaver have attempted to piece together two missions, in chronological order: the FIB Building level, which sees Michael rappelling down the side of the IAA building; and then the Cargo Plane mission, where Trevor A-Team's his way out of the back of a cargo plane in pursuit of an army jeep. Want to know how they play out? What roles the characters will play in each of the missions? The geography of the missions, and why someone wants to insert an 18-inch Maglite into someone else's orifice? They have the answers below.

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