Mailbox: Have trophies and achievements ruined the way we choose our games?

'Playing the game for what it really is'

This week's mailbox comes to us courtesy of Stephen Bradford, who's suffering a dilemma when it comes to how he chooses which game to play next. Over to you, Stephen.


I've had my PS3 since they were released and still think it's the best console by far, but these past few weeks I've been wondering what game to play based on trophies. I still enjoy that pop when you get one, but my trophy list is becoming a list of unachieved platinum trophies.

Some online trophies are so frustrating and seem impossible at times, while others are so time consuming. I find myself wondering what game to play next thinking: "Is it worth playing this if I'm not going to get the Platty?" Then I'm straight onto the trophy sites looking to see if the games I might buy are good to get trophies for, rather than getting a game for its gameplay.

Do I need to get back to the old days of playing the game for what it is and not just for trophies?
GM says:Ah yes, the trophy slave. We've all been there, shovelling cheese-based snacks into our mouths, for minimal out-of-game effort, and maintaining a rudimentary level of awareness thanks to a well-planned out array of canned energy drinks lined up in front of us. All for that delicious icon to appear in the corner of our screen and a wave of immeasurable pride to overwhelm us.

But, let's be honest, while trophies and, for that matter, gamerscore points, help elongate your time spent with any one game, they aren't what you should be buying the game for. Hell, one of our writers sunk hours into the excellent Valkyria Chronicles and that didn't even have trophies.

CVG says: Our chums at GamesMaster are right, though it'd be a bit rich of us to criticise you for playing games based on their trophies when at least one member of the CVG team is a self-confessed Xbox 360 Gamerscore addict (here's the proof).

Trophy and Achievement addiction is a real problem. When faced with a multi-format release, some gamers will decide which version to buy based purely on whether they want to build their Xbox 360 Gamerscore or their PS3 Trophies - one of the reasons Nintendo should really have added a similar system to the Wii U.

We recommend a strict diet of retro games to knock this Trophy addiction out of you - get the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for dirt cheap on PS3 and see how games should really be played. Besides, it's an easy Platinum too. (sorry)