Dead or Alive 5 Plus release date set for March 22

Portable brawer allows cross-play between PS3 and Vita

The PS Vita edition of Dead or Alive 5 will launch across Europe on March 22 and in the US on March 19, publisher Tecmo Koei has announced.


The Team Ninja developed title, officially called Dead or Alive 5 Plus, will support cross-platform duels with its PS3 counterpart.

These cross-platform battles will run at 60fps on both platforms so there will be no lag or slowdown even when playing on different devices, Tecmo Koei said.

Meanwhile, to iron out another cross-play issue, all characters from both games will now be unlocked. DLC purchases can be shared across devices, as can save files for single player campaigns and stats.

The Vita edition also boasts unique touch-screen controls and a first-person perspective - both of which are optional.