Video: First footage of Wildman Kickstarter

Gas Powered Games 'betting the company'

Gas Powered Games has released 'prototype gameplay' footage for Kickstarter action RTS Wildman.


The Supreme Commander studio describes the game as an action RPG/RTS hybrid, which sees players take control of a caveman-esque "wildman" (or woman) pushing to dominate an environment ripe with evolving technology and culture.

Speaking on the day of its Kickstarter launch, CEO Chris Taylor claimed he's "betting the company" with the campaign, which is seeking a massive $1.1 million in funding.

"It's not good [if we come up short]. We're all in on this," he said. "We spent all the last dough that we've had, and the last several months working on it. So we're betting the company on it."

The Kickstarter currently sits on over $166,000 from more than 3,300 backers.

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