Nintendo launches 'late' and 'from the last decade', says analyst

Wii U, Wii Mini and online plans all "years too late," claims Wedbush's Michael Pachter

Nintendo is "years too late" with the release of Wii U, the Canada-only Wii Mini and its new online platforms, claims industry analyst Michael Pachter.


Speaking on Game Trailers' Pach Attack show, the Wedbush analyst criticised Nintendo's recent ideas for being "from the last decade".

According to Pachter, both a redesigned Wii console and HD successor should've released "a few years" ago.

He said on the show: "I think Nintendo's a few years late. The Wii U is the 'Wii HD' and it's coming a few years too late. Wii Mini was a great idea back in 2008/2009... The eShop is about seven or eight years too late, Online multiplayer for Nintendo is about seven or eight years too late..."

He added: "Poor Nintendo. I think they try way hard to get things right, it takes them a long time.

"Nintendo's got great ideas, it's just that they're great ideas from the last decade."

Wii U launched globally in Novemeber and December last year, and in North America unit sales during the console's first full month have failed to match those set by the Wii in December 2006.

However, company president Satoru Iwata says he feels the console is "selling steadily".

The Wii Mini launched in Canada last December for $99. Nintendo says it has no information on launches outside of the region.