Guide: Far Cry 3's 10 best Easter eggs, and how to find them

We reveal the greatest secrets on the islands...

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As well as being home to a collection of assorted madmen, the world of Far Cry 3 also features a whole host of Easter eggs and references for keen-eyed players to spot. Here we've rounded up our 10 favourite secrets and nods, so you know what to look out for while on your adventures.



Often when liberating outposts you'll come across drunken mercenaries stumbling about the place with a bottle in hand, but one in particular seems to have taken partying hard to a whole new level.

Head to coordinates X: 805 Y: 640 then dive down in the sea, where you'll find a worse for wear soldier calling Huey down the big white telephone.



As we covered in our previous Far Cry 3 guide the game features many references to Assassin's Creed 3, especially during the 'Lost Expeditions' DLC missions. However, several other games are also referenced during this additional campaign.

While climbing through the rocket silo to escape the complex you enter an area that looks a lot like an Aperture Science location, where Jason quips "You know. I could use a portal right now." In another area you have to restore power to a lift, and when you hit the button Jason says "Would you kindly activate" in an Irish accent - an obvious reference to the mind control phrase from BioShock.



The character of ex-CIA operative Willis Huntley provides several references to the Call of Duty series during your encounters with him. Sporting aviator shades and a goatee beard his appearance is very similar to Black Ops' Jason Hudson, who was also a CIA agent.

After you unlock the south island, you have a telephone conversation with Willis who informs you "This Russia operation has blown wide open. I'm joining Task Force 141 flying out tonight." In Modern Warfare 2 Task Force 141 is a multination spec ops force sent to track down Vladimir Makarov, the Ultranationalist behind the Russian invasion of the USA.

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