Hilda, 85, is a heart-warming sign that games are on the right track


Hilda Knott was born before the world's first television station aired but today, as she approaches her 86th birthday, she plays a range of PS3 games on her 65-inch HDTV.

So what could possibly be even more amazing than an octogenarian enjoying the charm and challenge of modern triple-A video games? How about the fact that she plays games with her aunt - who is 94!

"We have an hilarious time", Hilda told the BBC.

Despite having played games for more than forty years (yes, that's way longer than you have), Hilda isn't a forum hater with an intoxicating sense of entitlement. She appreciates games for what they are at their core.

"I enjoy finding something new in the game - getting onto the next stage or the next event - and then the achievement of finishing it," she said.

Hilda's set-up

CVG could search far and wide for a better ambassador for video games but none would be in the same league as Hilda. She demonstrates that - despite all the politics, the scare-mongering headlines and targeted PR blitzes - games are fundamentally a universal medium that offers something for everyone.

Games aren't just fun for Hilda. She says they help her stay mentally agile too.

"As well as adventures and fighting games, there are puzzles for working out how to do something," she added.

Video games are a young and often juvenile medium, and one hopes that within a few more decades it will not suffer from such a pronounced "generation gap" - that people won't "grow out" of playing computer games but instead enjoy them regardless of age. Hilda is a wonderful and heart-warming sign that this is possible.