Nintendo expected to end restrictions on bedroom coders

Policy reversal due in 'two weeks', suggests Nintendo of America biz dev exec

An executive at Nintendo America has signalled the company's intention to ease restrictions on indie games developers who want to work with the platform holder.

Presently, Nintendo's digital publishing guidelines dictate that a games developer must have a registered company and studio space to be given the chance to develop games for the Wii U or 3DS.

This restriction placed on start-up and obscure developers has triggered criticisms from various self-employed developers hat are not eligible to work with Nintendo. In 2011 the company sparked controversy by claiming that it wasn't keen on working with 'garage' developers until they had a reasonable track record for making games.

But there are new signs that Nintendo is ready to bring an end to this rule. In a discussion on Twitter, quality assurance analyst Hany Gohary asked Nintendo of America's business development executive Dan Adelman whether the "bedroom coder ban" still applies today, to which he replied: "Ask me again in a couple weeks."

It is not known if Nintendo will publicly announce its policy reversal.