Virtual Console reinvented for Wii U

Flexible pricing models and a new Game Boy Advance section - but redownloading Wii virtual console games will not be free

Nintendo will deliver a new Virtual Console platform on Wii U, complete with more flexible pricing, new classic game platforms, as well as redownload purchase options.


The classic games platform - which first launched on the Wii and allowed customers to download old games from the NES, SNES and N64 eras - will be released on Wii U during the Spring.

Initially the service will only host NES and Super NES games, as other retro titles are being rewritten for the platform. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also revealed that a new Game Boy Advance library of games will be added soon.

However, it is not known when the N64 games will arrive on the Wii U Virtual console.

Nintendo said the prices for the virtual console SNES and NES games will be the same as they were on Wii. Those who purchased the game previously on the Wii will need to do so again - at a cost.

Redownloading SNES games will cost £1.49 in the UK, with NES reinstalls costing £0.99 each. Nintendo promises that the Wii U will enhance these games for the new console, specifically allowing them to be played on the game pad tablet.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is treading new water with the announcement of a flexible pricing model for NES games to celebrate the system's 30 year anniversary.

For each month from now until July, Nintendo will reduce the cost of one SNES or NES game to £0.30 each - a discount which will only be available for 30 days until the next offer.

This month, the NES game available for £0.30 is Balloon Fight.

  • Feb: F-Zero
  • Mar: Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • Apr: Kirby's Adventure
  • May: Super Metroid
  • Jun: Yoshi
  • Jul: Donkey Kong

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