American McGee apologises to EA for Alice: Madness Returns comments

"Electronic Arts doesn't trick customers into buying things"

American McGee has apologised for comments made earlier this week regarding EA's marketing campaign for Alice: Madness Returns.


During an AMA on Reddit earlier this week, McGee claimed the publisher had tried to "trick" gamers into thinking Alice: Madness Returns was a grittier, action-based title.

Following media coverage and "a few pissed messages from EA", McGee has apologised and elaborated on his claims.

"'Tricked' is the wrong word. I take that back," McGee wrote on his blog. "Electronic Arts doesn't trick customers into buying things. They carefully apply proven marketing techniques to achieve the desired customer response."

He continued: "Alice: Madness Returns does contain a lot of the stuff you see in those trailers, but my concern was that the main character was being portrayed in a way I felt didn't align with her character as I understand it."

McGee went on to note the traditional tensions between publishers and developers, before conceding that mourning the direction of gaming may be "the prerogative of aging creators".

"At the end of the day, I've got (well, had) a good relationship with EA. They helped put my name on the map. They funded two of my favourite creations."

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